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The Fresno Madera Continuum of Care (FMCoC) is organized, meeting the requirements of the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), to provide a comprehensive coordinated homeless housing and services delivery system called a continuum of care (CoC). The Fresno Madera Continuum of Care assists homeless persons to make the critical transition from homelessness to independent or supportive permanent housing; accessing education, health and mental health services, employment training, and life skills development. We are dedicated to increasing community awareness of homeless people and their problems; and the development and implementation of strategies to create permanent solutions to homelessness in our community.



On Tuesday, September 10, 2013, the Fresno County Board of Supervisors adopted a resolution in recognition of the Fresno Madera Continuum of Care's (FMCoC) efforts in increasing monthly housing placements for the homeless in Fresno County by 667%, from an average of 3 per month to 24 per month in 100 days through the 100,000 Homes Campaign.

The 100,000 Homes Campaign is a national movement of communities working together to find permanent homes for 100,000 of the country’s most vulnerable homeless individuals/families and Veterans before the end of 2015. A total of 269 Fresno and Madera County residents have been housed as a result of the FMCoC participation in the 100,000 Homes Campaign. In the last 100 days, 40 housing placements were made, which resulted in a 667% increase in housing placements for the chronically homeless and homeless veteran population.

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The Fresno Madera Continuum of Care (FMCoC) has finalized its FY2013 Priority Listings (the ranked list, organized into Tier 1 and Tier 2, of all of the projects that FMCoC is recommending for funding in this year's Consolidated Application.
You can view the priority listings here: https://sites.google.com/site/fresnonofa/

2013-2014Fresno Madera Continuum of Care (CoC) Application
Our Purpose

The fundamental components of a continuum of care are to facilitate a coordinated, unduplicated and seamless service provision for our community’s homeless population. We are responsible for the Fresno & Madera regional 10-year plans to end homelessness, through: Homeless Prevention Activities, Outreach and assessment, Emergency housing, Transitional housing, Health & Mental Healthcare access, Supportive services and ensuring availability of supportive permanent & affordable housing.
Fresno Madera Continuum of Homeless Services & Components Chart
The FMCoC critical activity (Annual Regional Point-In-Time Homeless count; Homeless Management Information System data collection; identification of our regional annual unmet need & service gaps identification) is the means to attain the ($6.5 million of annual) HUD Homeless Funding for the entire region. Our role is to ensure the efficient and effective connection of each specific regional homeless activity to fulfill the CoC overall goal to end homelessness.

FMCoC 2010 Homeless Point-In-Time Count and Housing Inventory
The Fresno Madera Continuum of Care ensures that the Regional Ten Year Plans for ending homelessness are strategically approached and meet annual achievement benchmarks. A copy of the regional & area specific Ten Year Plans for Ending Homelessness, is available here.
Monthly Meetings

Monthly meetings are open to the public.
They are regularly attended by representatives of the Federal, State and City governments, homeless/housing program directors & staff, hospitals, veterans, social service agencies, homeless individuals, police, fire, financial & business community, private sector representatives and the religious community. The meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month. A calendar of our meetings is available here.
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General membership consists of homeless supportive and housing service providers, homeless prevention service-agencies, homeless individuals, interested community members, public & nonprofit service providers, local government and local government systems-service entities, businesses, and faith organizations of all denominations.

We encourage and invite you to become a member.

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