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Our Mission Statement

All individuals and families facing homelessness in Fresno and Madera cities and counties will have access to safe, decent, affordable housing with the resources and supports necessary to sustain it.

We believe in community transformation and are deeply committed to our ten community values: stewardship, boundary crossing and collaboration, commitment to outcomes, art-of-the-possible thinking, fact-based decision making, truth telling, power parity, commitment to resolve conflict, asset-based approaches, and disclosure of conflict of interest. We know homelessness is a complex social problem, which does not lend itself to simple solutions. Yet we believe that great strides can be made toward ending homelessness by addressing housing issues, then ensuring that there are the resources and supports in place to sustain that housing. We do not have to end poverty in its entirety to end homelessness; however, our ability to end homelessness rests upon the degree to which we are able to wed the efforts of the homeless service delivery system to those of other mainstream programs and systems of care – programs and systems whose barriers have contributed to its growth. Only through comprehensive, cross-system strategies will we be able to fully assist people in accessing and sustaining affordable housing, achieve community integration and maintain economic stability.

This effort requires a collaborative approach. As this 10-year plan details, both the Fresno and Madera communities are ready to embrace the challenge of system change and integration necessary to prevent homelessness and end it for the hundreds of men, women, and children in shelter or on the streets each night who could and should have a home and a bed of their own.

Read the Fresno Madera CoC 10 Year Plan Here

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Our Core Tenets
  • Broaden Homeless Prevention Acts
  • Rapid “re-house” people when homelessness cannot be prevented
  • Provide wraparound services that promote housing stability and self-sufficiency
Implementing Our Plan

The Fresno Madera Continuum of Care (FMCoC) Collaborative seeks to end the plight and growth of homeless in our community. The first step accomplished thus far, is clearly defining the problem. Annually, the FMCoC reviews its Strategic Plan to end homelessness. This 10-year plan will now serve as a cornerstone for the evaluation of achievement and goals achievement. The Strategic Plan will be developed with the accomplishment of the Core Tenets in mind. The plan will guide the way the homeless providers will structure services and interventions, and impact recommendations made by the FMCoC in support of federal and state funding for projects and programs.

Addressing the Homeless in Fresno

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Our Purpose

The fundamental components of a continuum of care are to facilitate a coordinated, unduplicated and seamless service provision for our community’s homeless population. We are responsible for the Fresno & Madera regional 10-year plans to end homelessness, through: Homeless Prevention Activities, Outreach and assessment, Emergency housing, Transitional housing, Health & Mental Healthcare access, Supportive services and ensuring availability of supportive permanent & affordable housing.

The FMCoC critical activity (Annual Regional Point-In-Time Homeless count; Homeless Management Information System data collection; identification of our regional annual unmet need & service gaps identification) is the means to attain the ($6.5 million of annual) HUD Homeless Funding for the entire region. Our role is to ensure the efficient and effective connection of each specific regional homeless activity to fulfill the CoC overall goal to end homelessness.

The Fresno Madera Continuum of Care ensures that the Regional Ten Year Plans for ending homelessness are strategically approached and meet annual achievement benchmarks. A copy of the regional & area specific Ten Year Plans for Ending Homelessness, is availabile here.

Executive Committee Members

  • FMCoC Chair
    Jody Ketcheside
  • FMCoC Vice-Chair
    Shawn Jenkins
  • FMCoC Secretary
    Heidi Crabtree
  • FMCoC Treasurer
    Angie Nguyen
  • FMCoC Member at Large
    Cate Casa
  • CoC Member at Large
    Cheryl Vieira
  • FMCoC Member at Large
    Brooke Ashjian
  • FMCoC Regional Representative
    Elizabeth Wisener
  • FMCoC Regional Representative
    Laura Moreno
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